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Why you should have a second look at COLX

ColossusCoinXT (COLX) is a Cryptocurrency which uses the POS 3.0 Algorythm and has masternodes. Its currently ranked at place 597 (23.11.2017) and costs right now 2 sat. Update: Its climbed the Ranks at 498 and costs 6 Sats now. (25.12.17)

Crypto currencies are very in fashion, just look at the market cap. It increased in late Dec over 650 billion and had a little correction and is right now at 580 billion USD.

After the crazy success of bitcoin, also mainstream media is paying a lot of attention on the altcoins. Its expected that more people will invest in altcoins. A lot of people are looking for the cheaper coins, because you can make with a small investment very good money.

When we have a look at the Coins with Masternode, we see, that most of them are increasing.

What is a masternode?

Masternodes are computer or server which supports the network In different ways and help to secure it. For doing this you get awards and paybacks and can increase a nice passive income.

Lot of Masternode Projects are successful already because it’s a great chance to gain a passive income. For example PIVX (relative of COLX is currently ranked at place 41.

Colx is currently the cheapest Coin with Masternodes on market, so it’s a good chance to setup Masternodes to a cheap price right now. Also most of the Coins which allow masternodes are currently green. (Plus)


Right now a Masternode costs about 2700 USD and pays you 726.000 Colx-Coins back per month. That’s right now 200 USD. (23.12.2017)

So as you see you need about 13 Months to get your investment back, if the coins would stay like this. If the Coin increases your Payback will increase as well.

Update 25.12.2017: A Masternode costs right now 7.000 USD and pays back about 600 USD a month.

Why should the coin increase?

As I mentioned before, this coin was launched at September 2017 and its very young but has a amazing growing community behind it. The Development-Team is very active in Telegram and answers every question very fast. In January the Team will ad the ZeroCoin Protocol which anomyzies transactions and will bring faster mature of the coins, which is good for Staking. Read here more about this Protocol:


Crowdfunding for listing on Cryptopia:

The Crowdfunding to get listed at Cryptopia is almost completed. Once COLX will be listed there the Volume will increase and the price should go up. Cryptopia has a Volume of 72 Millions USD.

Whitepaper will be published in Q1 2018

COLX is a Non-ICO project with a well connected community. Most people will hold for a long time and Masternodes-Owner wont sell fast as well. Staking is working also pretty decent.

The Swap from the old Version Colossus 2 will be finished on 28 of December. The exchange rate is 2:1 (You give 2 VC2 and receive 1 COLX). CV2 Coins which wont be exchanged will be burned and destroyed.