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What Makes COLX a Great Project

Community and Dev-Team

The Dev-Team is very active. In the Telegram-Chat you are able to speak with them every day. If you have any questions you can just ask and you'll get answers very quick. The community members are connected with the team, so there is a lot of trust, which you can feel. Just jump into the Telegram group chat for an moment and you will find out yourself. COLX ist backed by the community and because of the Masternode Awards most of the whales will hold on long term. There was no ICO, so there are no investors who put money into the coin initially that would have allowed us to operate at a much higher scale to begin with. Yesterday there was a little panic sell on some exchangers, but you could watch, that the connected community stayed calm, showing strength and holding together. This all shows to me, that COLX real power is the community.

Another great thing is, that you can take an active role in that project if you want. So you can support your investments and affect it in a positive way. People with great ideas and passion are always welcome.

Send with low fees/Privacy coin

ColossuscoinXT is a privacy coin which is able to send transaction within seconds anonymously.

Once you decided to have a more detailed look at ColossusCoinXT I recommend to download the wallet (Windows, Mac, Linux) and buy a small amount of COLX. Now you will need to sync your wallet, once its done you can transfer the money to your local wallet.

If you transfer your money you are guaranteed to realize one thing, that the transaction time is very short – your transaction will be done in seconds. If you compare it with other Coins like Bitcoin, ETH and ETN you will see that there Is a really good technology behind COLX called Swift TX.


Another great feature is staking. With staking you can grow the amount of your coins without any work. Its like mining, but no special hardware is needed for it. You just have to keep your wallet open and adjust some settings. Also this lets you assist the network to send transactions to it and help to make it more stable and secured. If you stake constantly you can increase your coins and create a nice passive income.

Find out more about Staking: https://colossuscoinxt.org/staking/


A Masternode is a server which helps the network to secure and solves different jobs for the network. For this you will be rewarded, it’s a form of staking, which gives you a better reward than actual staking. The requirements for launching a Masternode are 10 million coins and a machine running 24/7 (e.g. cheap VPS).

Masternodes are what help secure the community and relay transactions across the network.

Masternodes are nodes running the same wallet software on the same blockchain to provide extra services to the network. These services include coin mixing for increased privacy of transactions, instant transactions and a decentralized governance that provides a decentralized budgeting system with an immutable proposal and voting systems.

For providing such services, you (the masternode) are also paid a certain portion of reward for each block. This can serve as a passive income for you over the lifetime of the masternode.

COLX has a great community and a nice technology behind it, which lets you send money with very low fees around the world anonymously. It has a lot of potential and is very cheap to buy in right now. Like I said before the best opportunity to learn about this project is to join it on Telegram, download the wallet and start to play a bit with transactions. So you can find out fast and cheap if it’s the right project for you.