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What To Do If Wallet Is Not Syncing? (Video)

So, you probably just downloaded the ColossusCoinXT wallet and wanted to check it out but you noticed something weird. In the bottom left it probably says something like "No block source available...". Fixing this is actually very easy, which I am going to demonstrate in this video.

You can download the current blockchain here
http://cryptochainer.com/dir/ >ColossusCoinXT
Instructions: http://cryptochainer.com/dir/?page_id=154

  1. Back up wallet.dat file [important!] and save it somewhere else than in the ColossusCoinXT folder

  2. Delete all files except wallet.dat, masternode.conf and ColossusCoinXT.conf in your UserAppData\Roaming\ColossusCoinXT Folder

  3. Replace the ColossusCoinXT.conf file with

(Added nodes from: http://www.presstab.pw/phpexplorer/COLX/nodes.php)

Once You re-open the wallet it started to sync again at 0%.

  1. Start client and let it fully re-download the block chain