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COLX-Twitter: Next Steps for Cryptopia

The development team of ColossuscoinxT just announced an update the next step to get listed on Cryptopia.

Our next Steps to get added to @Cryptopia_NZ:

  1. Coin Burn of all unswapped* $COLX by @nova_exchange (* 5% for Dev Fund)
  2. Purchase of @Cryptopia_NZ "NovaExchange Orphan Listing" Service #Paytopia
  3. Cryptopia_NZ Developer Review & Exchange Listing Process
  4. COLX Get Listed

Source: https://twitter.com/colossuscoin?lang=de

As COLX is a fast growing coin with a great Community and Dev-Team behind it, I believe that we have an incredibily high chance to get listed soon. COLX climbed the crypto ranks onto the top 250 of all coins.

Listing on Cryptopia will bring more volume into the coin. Just hold be prepared and very excited about 2018!